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3001 ResMed S9 Auto set CPAP machine with H5i Humidifier. Tested and does work. In used condition $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3002 Tyco train w/ tractors. Bachmann Jouff scale building kits; Gypsy Lane house, Rural Church(new), Meadow brook house(new). AHM farm building pieces (missing parts). Condition ranging from new in box to gently used. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3003 Life-Like trains; Dubuque , The Katy MKT 47152, Santa Fe, Santa Fe A.T.S.F. 1951. Life-Like homes The Morrell Home. Life-Like buildings Ice Cream Drive-In. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3004 Life-Like trains; Santa Fe A.T.S.F. 1627, B&O 320835, Union Pacific 29500. Life-Like buildings; Equitable Trust Company Bank, Convenience Food Store. Buildings new in box, trains used in box. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3005 Faller B-229 watermill, Faller pedestrian overpass, Atlas Bruns Engineering Corp., Atlas Lumber and Saw Mill (missing some parts), Plastic Ville Auto-Body Repair Shop. These are pieces for a model train set-up. All items used condition in boxes. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3006 Kibri Model buildings; Bausatz 6400, Bausatz 8304, Bausatz 9680. Life-Lik Mobil Mobx 1372 train. Silver Streak wooden train kit. All items in used condition in boxes. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3007 E. Suydam & Co. building kits metal houses Box 55. Flotec drill pump, toolkit, Cornell Dubilier BR4000-25 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3008 O.S. Max 40F SR, 40SF engines. Supertigre Power Engine. Perry Aeromotive part. Lantern Battery. Slotting kit. Other various tools. All in used condition. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3009 4 Atheann miniature trains 1850 Roof Coach. Gordy Mite Garage Town model garage. W. Casto & Co. train. May be missing parts. Items in used condition. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3010 Model train switchboards and wires. Life-Like trains transformer. Throttle back transformer. Intercom wire. Co-Rode Kit. Pins. Items in used condition, co-rode in brand new condition. $4.00 0 8/22 7:00 PM ET
3011 Big Lot of Train cars, and a few locomotives. Hamms beer, Sausage casings, Burlington, Union Pacific, Coors and much more!! Used condition! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3012 HUGE pile of nice train tracks, metal and hard plastic. Long, short and medium length pieces, curved, straight and separating tracks. All slightly used condition!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3013 Life-Like; Decorative lychen, orange trees, autumn trees, polar trees, gravel, red scenic stone, and ballast. Tyco Telegraph poles and signs. Life-like city life civilians and Airfix civilians, plus soo much more!! Everything is in near new condition!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3014 Big lot of train cars and locomotives. Cotton belt, Mt. Wallet railroad, country club, amtrack, pepsi and more!!! All slightly used condition!!S $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3015 Already built ho scale houses, and stores, with a bunch of extra house pieces, roofs, etc!! All slightly used condition!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3016 Huge lot of metal train cars and locomotives, with all kinds of extra wheels, and parts! Plus more, all slightly used condition! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3017 Winter belle holiday express Christmas train track set! Super cute north pole theme red and green colors!! Near new condition!!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3018 Lionel Train clock, Works great makes train sound, and all aboard noises!! Near new condition just a little dusty!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3019 Christmas light up decorative houses, no lights come with it, broken chimney on one house, slightly used condition!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET
3020 Lot of Different paints and stains!! Behr, Miniwax, and rust-oleaum cans, all cans at least half way full or more! Used condition!! $4.00 0 8/22 7:03 PM ET